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  • Low Income Resources By:-Kei Wuton
    When you reach the age of 65 you are considered a senior and by law have the right to Medicare- a health insurance program for seniors. This program is also available to people with certain disabilities. The Medicare program was designed to help with hospital bills, and some prescription drugs.
  • McCaskill Will Likely Not Win Her Reelection By:-Derek Thomas
    The 2012 election for senator in Missouri is growing to be rather achievable for the GOP candidates in 2012 after the Air Clair debacle by which recent senator McCaskill has actually been flying all-around in her own personal aircraft using US tax dollars to fund her trips. According to the latest info the democratic senator utilized the plane for 89 American citizen funded outings and will owe essentially three-hundred thousand dollars in property taxes that she has not paid off. Years ago she was condemning Steve Conway throughout 1998 of failing to pay taxes when they were due, then Bob Holden in '04 for going on 3 hundred tax payer trips on his private plane, and then in '06 for her United States senate political campaign she deceived the people in Missouri by announcing she has paid for all of her taxes.
  • Sarah Palin Independent? Will she or Won't She Run? By:-Derek Thomas
    There's been lots of speculation on whether or not former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will run in 2012. Late last year Palin told the press that she would run only if there wasn't anyone else out there who can do the job effectively. And within the previous months her posturing has been looking a lot like Clairol's, "Does she ... or doesn't she?" campaign except in this case it is more like "Will she... or won't she?"
  • 2012 Presidential Election: Will Gary Johnson Run? By:-Derek Thomas
    Gary Johnson, the ex-governor of New Mexico, might be preparing for a 2012 presidential bid, due to the speculation surrounding his recent appearances across the country. However we can't be sure until he makes an official announcement. The reason for all these rumors is primarily due to Johnson's recent political campaigning through his non-profit website called Our America Initiative. As of late Mr. Johnson has been extremely outspoken about the state of affairs within America.
  • Dalrymple Quiet About 2012 Run For Governor By:-Derek Thomas
    Current North Dakota governor Dalrymple continues to be quiet with regards to running for the election cycle in 2012. He acquired the the executive position in 2010 when then seated governor John Hoeven resigned from his post to work as United States Senator. Dalrymple nonetheless was at the time already known to North Dakotans; he was selected to the statewide House eight terms and served as chair on the appropriations committee.
  • Congressman Pence Likely To Run For Governor of Indiana By:-Derek Thomas
    Mike Pence, representing the 6th congressional district of IN, is a likely favored hopeful to take the governor position. Pence is waiting to file for his plans due to state policies that prohibit people within Indiana political office from receiving political campaign finances before the legislative session ends, it is expected to conclude on April 29th. Even so, most people know that he's going to be making the bid as soon as the financial restrictions have ended.
  • Why Christine Gregoire Should Seek Another Term By:-Derek Thomas
    Current Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, was first chosen for her seat in the capitol in 2004 and won by a deemed edge of a hundred thirty cast ballots. Even so her conservative adversary Republican Dino Rossi was basically suspected to be the winner in the first add up by two-hundred and sixty-one cast ballots. Following a demanded recount the new results showed that The current governor trailed then GOP challenger Rossi by forty-seven votes. Unconcerned with the preference of Americans, the Washington's Democratic Party demanded another recount that was paid for by Washingtonians through taxes. In the final add up Chris Gregoire acquired votes from voters who passed away, convicted felons and cast ballots which were counted twice which ultimately afforded The current governor her a One hundred thirty vote lead. After the State Supreme court maintained the illegitimate ballots from liberal counties, The democrat was projected to be the victor of the political election.
  • Looks Like Newt Gingrich Will Run in 2012 For President By:-Derek Thomas
    On March 3rd 2011, former 58th Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich announced he will be forming an exploratory committee in an effort to run for president in 2012. He is one of the first well-known republican candidates to make this bid. His announcement was short at the Atlanta, Georgia State capital on Thursday afternoon stating he is looking carefully at this decision and we will expect the official statement probably later this week. Gingrich has a easily identifiable name in American politics and is regarded highly for his intelligence and ability to deliver powerful messages in his speeches. Ed Rodgers, a republican strategist, argued on NPR last week that Gingrich will have a better start than other republican candidates due to the fact he already has followers across the country. Furthermore, he stated Newt will have campaign donors already in place due to his familiarity with conservative groups throughout America.
  • Ultimate Ideas To Make out If Your Hubby Is Cheating On You. By:-Vincent B Pierce
    Finding out that your beloved husband is cheating on you'd be an utter disaster. Worse still, likelihood is he could have been doing that since fairly some time ago and you unfortunately happen to be the last one of the on the planet to realize that. Like it or not, with a view to avoid this heart-wrenching scenario, you would not wish to be the last one to realize that and there are certainly signs which will tell if your hubby is dishonest to you or not.
  • Global Warming - Hot Issue By:-Jarret Wilson
    Global warming is one of the "hottest" issues nowadays. The current climate transform is the worst yet to happen. Global warming is an overall boost in world temperature which is attributed for the increasing number of greenhouse gases trapped in the ambiance. Searching an alternative energy source is considered a way of lowering the toxic emissions.
  • Advantages Of Green Energy Options By:-Jarret Wilson
    V:0For a really lengthy time, we have relied on fossil fuels. It offers heat to our homes, gas for our cars and electricity. Because we are now utilizing it much more than ever, there is really a consequence. We're depleting our resources and slowly killing our planet. Fortunately, we can alter our methods and then shift our attention to green energy sources.
  • What is Unconventional Gas? By:-Jarret Wilson
    Unconventional gas is something that this world is depending on more and more every day. But what is it exactly? This is a question that is simple, yet difficult to explain. For years, we have relied on conventional natural gas deposits to mine. These are what would be considered the easiest, and most economical, to extract from.
  • The Future of Unconventional Gas By:-Jarret Wilson
    Unconventional gas production, such as that from the Barnett Shale in Texas, could account for more than fifty percent of America's gas supply twenty years from now. These exciting new energies have emerged as a direct result from technological developments in the drilling industry.
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