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  • Crazy Busy? Got Time Management? By:-Justin Krane
    I had coffee the other day with a senior branding executive in Los Angeles and asked her what the number one problem her clients had as entrepreneurs. I thought the answer would be something like developing a marketing plan, hiring staff, or dealing with cash flow. The answer was time management.
  • How An Expert Resume Writer Can Help By:-Theresa Foster
    In our tough economic times, getting that dream job may just a dream for many people. Fewer jobs are available in certain fields such as education, law, and other fields that always promised work. Securing an interview is the most important step to ...
  • How to Write a Telecommunications Business Proposal By:-Ian Lauder
    As a telecommunications company you always want to grow your market share. These days, when competition is fast and global, it's vital to constantly increase your client list or customer base, secure new projects, and form new partnerships. How do you get started? What do you need to write about? How do you structure your document? This article will give you the road map to get you through it.
  • How To Take An Independent Retailer On-Line By:-Ted Hurlbut
    Most independent retailers recognize that having a website is a valuable marketing tool. A well-developed website not only provides potential customers with important information, it is a critical tool in branding an independent retailer in the customer's mind, and differentiating the business from the competition.
  • How to Overcome Fear in Your Business By:-Fabienne Fredrickson
    I want to talk to you about the inner game of client attraction. The marketing piece of client attraction is considered the outer game. It is what you do, it is the actions that you take, figuring out who your ideal client is and getting out there in a big way and all that good stuff.
  • How To Start A Conversation: Communication In The Workplace By:-Rachel Hill
    If you work in a professional setting, it is essential that you learn how to start a conversation. Learning about the process of communication at work will not only assist in your being able to express ideas, thoughts and information more effectively, but it may also assist in your being well-respected and valued by both your peers and superiors.
  • Cold Calling and Not Wasting Your Time By:-Frank Rumbauskas
    Time management is a huge issue for salespeople, but did you know that cold calling - the biggest waste of time in sales - is at the bottom of most time management issues? Learn what you can do instead of cold calling, that will free up your time, to be spent 100% in front of hot qualified prospects who are ready to buy!
  • Retail Inventory Levels and Cash Flow By:-Ted Hurlbut
    Since the first of the year, however, he'd seen his sales stabilize and begin to turn around. His discounting during winter clearance was much less than the year before. Still, cash flow was a concern. But as soon as he was able, he wanted to begin to rebuild his stock levels.
  • Build Morale With Corporate Clothing By:-Raymond Leggett
    Keeping morale high is something that many corporations struggle with on a daily basis. One of the simplest ways of building morale among employees is to build a sense of community. Few things build such a sense of community as corporate clothing.
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